Often we receive calls not requiring an estate sale but rather how to sell specific high end or collectible items.Items have ranged from jewelry to automobiles. We refer to this concept as brokering as we sell your items for a small fee.Items are not sold as reduced”estate” prices but as high market value ones.We have sold and continue to sell for clients and can sell just about any item as I have willing honest buyers. If you acquired,inherited or have collected any items you feel are valuable and need an outlet for receiving top dollar for them you may contact us for assistance. We can travel to you in NJ & Staten Island.
Below is a small sample of recent items we have sold..
Inherited jewelry…$4100.00
Rolex watches..$2900.00 & $5800.00
Wrist & pocket watches…$2700.00
Baseball card collection..$25000.00(very large and graded)
Hot wheels & Matchbox cars,model car kits..$7000.00
Gold & silver coins….$4000.00
Average stamp book collection..1900.00
Garage contents of quality tools…$5200.
Vinyl record collection,45’s & lp’s…$900.00
Large lighter collection..ST Dupont,Dunhill,Zippo,Art Deco..$3300.00

Turnaround time averages about 1-4 weeks depending on quantity and quality of the items.
If we can help you please contact Bryan at 732-233-8438 7 days a week 8am-7pm.