We specialize in homes that have been cluttered up and appear messy. Basements,attics and garages that have been unkempt is not new to us. We have helped many clients de-clutter and clean out these areas. We are not afraid to get into the mess and get dirty so too assist you in what others may not.All areas get cleaned out,dusted and cleaned for proper display in time for the sale.We also would like to mention that we do not frown upon or pass judgement of those who may have hoarded or over-cluttered their homes over time as we completely understand how this does occur,and it does more often than you may think.
We accept these challenges with confidence and consideration to our clients.We handle your situation from start to finish in a professional manner as this is just another level that our company operates and excels in.Many of our past sales have started out with overly cluttered homes in everyday communities and neighborhoods and turned out extremely well and resulted in major relief for our clients as some were initially embarrassed to have an outsider going into the home under the cluttered conditions.As previously stated we are here to help and understand that these situations do occur and our company is up to the task so please do not feel uneasy about contacting us to assist you when you need it most.